Little Diddy, 'Bout Jack and Diane......

Jack and Diane….musically inspired concept photography ~ Granger Photography Studio   

Sometimes a song inspires me.  The lyrics and music will spark a movie almost in my mind.  This happened one evening on a drive home from the studio.  Listening to the classic rock station, an old John Mellencamp song came on and instantly my mind was full of images.  This is my vision of Jack and Diane.

Models: Kalin Miekle and Taylor Berkey

Makeup: Bethza Professional Makeup Studio

Clothing provided by: Jules Boutique Goshen


“Little ditty, about Jack and Diane.  Two American kids growing up in the Heartland.

Jackie’s gonna be a football star.  Diane debutante back seat of Jackie’s car.

Oh yeah, Life goes on.  Long after the thrill of living is gone.”

Amy ReinertComment